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March 05 2017

Firefly posters in Deadpool 2 teaser trailer spark speculation. People are taking that and another reference to mean that Nathan Fillion is playing Cable in the sequel. Or it could be a 'Two Guys and a Girl' injoke. The trailer is what you call NSFW.

The Firefly bit is around the two minute mark.

There's also a Logan poster.
Morena Baccarin was also the female lead in the first Deadpool movie.Don't know if she will be back for the second though.Another Firefiy connection at any rate.

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A clear indication Nathan Fillion is playing Cable ;-)

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Set designers on the Fox lot might have access to a bunch of old Firefly posters. Just a thought. Love all the conspiracy theories though. I didn't even notice the posters when I saw it in the theater.
I saw that last night and wondered just how long it would take for the chaos to be unleashed.
What other reference?
IrrationaliTV - I don't think these are old Firefly posters from the production of Firefly. It seems to me they are acually based on enlarged cover for Firefly: The Official Companion volume 1 (the cover featured an original montage of the main characters which seems to be reproduced here).
So this is probably not a random use of what was at hand but, more likely, an intentional Firefly reference.
@tmvde: Ha ha. According to the Internet, Nathan Fillion is playing everything, isn't he? From Nathan Drake to Batman to Cable. ;)
@TimeTravellingBunny, he should be playing everything ;-)
naw, he should be playing Mal. Give us the Serenity Trilogy!!!!!!!
Where exactly can that poster be seen in the trailer ?
@Bad Karma, as mentioned above a little past two minutes in, left from the phone booth.
Nathan and Ryan are best bro's - at least in the Twitterverse. The use of the posters can be as little as a shout out to a buddy or a harbinger of future work together. Last I had heard the leading candidate for Cable (who I know nothing about) is David Harbour, hot on the heels of his performance as sheriff in Stranger Things
Thanks tmvde !

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