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February 15 2017

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 11 #4. How safe is the Safe Zone?

I read Season 8 monthly when the single comics were released. Over the last couple days I reread the entire at once. Holy crap it works so much better when it's all together. I remember being frustrated at the Predators and Prey arc of one shots. That was five months of the main story being ignored. Read altogether though I found those issues joyful and a nice break. The season isn't perfect, but there are A LOT of good things in there that I didn't remember. I hope Joss returns for an arc someday.

I stopped half way through Season 9, but have all the library editions on their way to me now. I remember really enjoying Angel and Faith, not so much Buffy but maybe it will be better altogether.

Glad this series is still going. My interest has been reignited. Can't wait to get into Season 10 and 11. Hopefully good?
@hitnrun017 I enjoy S8 too. I think 9 was the weakest season and lost a few readers then. Although I have had some frustrations with the comics too, the character developments work well for coherency from the show through to now for me so I keep reading. I enjoyed S10 overall and although I have some concerns about the metaphor as being thorny in S11 I am interested to see where they go with it.

I enjoyed this issue, the multiple examples of choice and how that is exercised and/or limited/removed in the camp. The tensions rising and the pressure leading to Buffy's choice to become a trustee worked well. Interested to learn more about opinions on the outside and how the Government is using/responding to the situation building in the camp.

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I miss the S8 days. Great times. I stopped during S9 as well. I keep looking at previews/covers for new issues waiting for something anything to make me want to pick them back up again but nothing yet.

Sorry for the off topic comment.

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