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October 29 2016

Buffy and Angel Complete Series Boxsets are on sale today at Buffy is going for $48.99 and Angel $39.99. Ideal Xmas presents.

Perhaps they are making room for the Buffy and Angel Blu-Rays...
Did they fix the weird aspect ratio on the Blu-Rays?
@Willowy: The 16:9 HD version is not on Blu-ray yet, but it's been airing on TV for 2 years, and it's on Netflix.

And sadly it is still an embarrassing mess. There's no way I would ever buy that version on Blu-ray, so hopefully they can make a new remaster and release it next year for the 20th anniversary.

For more details, read this: Everything wrong with Buffy's HD.
Call me crazy but I was watching Angel (season 5) on Netflix and I'm almost certain that too is in HD now. Anyone else notice this?
@without_passion: Angel season 5 aired in 2003-2004, it was edited in HD (the only one of both shows), so no need for a remaster there.
@Nico-Angel Oh, I had no idea - thanks for the info. This is my first time watching season 5 on Netfix. I had previously watched it on a SD set when it aired back in '03/'04 and again once the DVDs were released. Anyway, it looks amazing! And it makes me long for a proper Buffy remaster even more.

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