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September 04 2015

Esquire mag's 10 Best Movies of the Summer for 2015. Avengers: Age of Ultron makes the list. It's a short blurb about the movie with a link to their original review from April.

I would easily took off a few of those, like Mission Impossible, to put John Wick and Kingsman.
But John Wick and Kingsman weren't summer movies. Wick didn't even come out in 2015.
Kingsman had being theatrically realeased here, in 5 March, which is Summer in the South Hemisphere. You are right about John Wick, that seems to be premiered here in 27 November 2014 (I just watched it in January, but it does not counts), It still needs to be distribuited in Japan, in 16 October 2015, thou.

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