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"It appealed to the schizophrenic in me, both of them actually."
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April 02 2015

Joss Whedon and his lesser-known film writing work. Den of Geek talks about some of the scripts that Joss has worked on in his time.

OMG, do I love the idea of a Barbie doll leading a commando raid to free Woody and Buzz in Toy Story. What a shame that couldn't have happened.

And that ending to the Quick and the Dead - pure Joss. Almost makes me want to watch the movie.
I like the way Halle Berry delivers Joss line, at least in the dubbed version. Probably SMG would have done a better job tho.

Didn't know about he working in Twister and Quick and the Dead.
The only one I didn't know about before was Quick and the Dead. Interesting.
Erm, the Quick and the Dead ending is essentially the same as the reveal for Harmonica guy in "Once Upon a Time in the West", but with a horrible twist. Too bad it doesn't pack even a fraction of the punch that OUATITW did, but that's not down to Joss. It would've been a miracle to have come even close to it, especially without the Ennio Morricone soundtrack which is STUNNING.

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