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January 31 2014

(SPOILER) Victor Gischler discusses Angel and Faith plans. In an interview with CBR Gischler talks about taking over the series, his plans, and offers a preview.

LOVING the art!

I'm liking how this is all shaping up. Angel will have a harder time than he thought in Magic Town.
Gischler? I may need to start buying the book. I loved his post-apocalypse book and signed on for the kickstarter to pump out some sequels.
Ahh, the art is so nice
Leah's back! I hope Satsu is not far behind.
I like the idea of having Angel and Faith apart but in the same book cutting back and forth between them.It's a change up and might give a fresh feel.
So nice seeing a Leah cameo. And FANTASTIC art.
I guess Simone won one victory... Slayers are now using guns openly and as a matter of course.
Admittedly, I was worried about the art, but I think I'll be pleased by the new artist.

However, I am a little worried about if Victor can handle the characters properly.

Also hell yeah, Leah cameo!
This has gone a long way in assuaging my fears about the new creative team. This might actually be good. And though I had been convinced no one could capture these characters like Rebekah, that panel showing Faith's face when she's says she's not a joiner looks pretty good and the art overall seems pretty solid.
I'm a little bit wary that they chose to split the book this way. I typically find myself on the frustrated side that there's not more story per issue anyway and to divide it in half... I dunno. Have to see how that works. Also hope they have enough established quality characters around Angel and Faith to draw on the history and feel of the Buffyverse. I think those two characters worked very well together - I understand that relationship and the history there, where the Willow and Spike mini-series hurt a little for not having more familiar faces and environs. To me, those felt more like tangential character transplants than something "real" and rooted in Buffy.

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