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"Oh, bugger off, you brolly."
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June 19 2013

Much Ado About Nothing cast discuss their favorite fellow cast members. There's a surprising degree of consistency of opinion here.

Great minds think alike.
I'm crying from laughing so hard.
And who could pass up that juicy new Avengers 2 casting announcement?!

BriTANick is one of my favorite things on the internet now and always.
Oh this is so cute. And I love that they had the pig nose to put onto poor Reed Diamond. I think I'll need to watch this several more times.
After you've seen it, watch it again with the auto captioning on. Hilarious.
Reed Diamond must really have a difficult personality for so many of his cast mates to criticize him that way.
This was hilarious!
"Scissors! Scissors! Scissors!"
Is it bad that I was rooting for Reed?

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So funny!

Did anyone here see Reed Diamond in Journeyman? It was a very good Sci-Fi series, cancelled of course. He was excellent in it. Check it out if you haven't seen it.
I loved Journeyman. It was serious, adult sci-fi, like Contact (the Jody Foster movie) - Incredibly smart and entertaining. Another show that needs a dvd release.

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