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March 01 2013

Cabin and Avengers nominated for Empire Awards. Cabin is up for best horror, Avengers is up for five awards including best director and best film.

Voting is now open.

Voted. Pretty weak field against The Cabin I think, pretty strong field (with one exception) for The Avengers.
Prometheus for Best SF movie? Oh, dear.

Th field for Best movie is pretty weak with the exception of Avengers and Django Unchained. The Dark Knight Rises, Skyfall and The Hobbit are far from being best 20 movies of the year, let alone 5. It looks they just get nominated because they're parts of super-popular multi-million dollar franchises. Why not The Hunger Games then, which was better than any of those? I guess the franchise still isn't that popular in UK.
I'd love to see Cabin in a "best film" category. Too bad horror movies can't be "best films".
I'm kind of glad that I didn't have to chose between Cabin in the Woods and Avengers.
Nice to see Sightseers having a heavy presence.
My favourite non-Whedon film of the year.

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